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To Do: > Finish the last of the laundry > Clean out the car… - Believe in the Unbelievable
Have Faith Where Faith is Not Called For -- Save Yourself

To Do:
>Finish the last of the laundry
>Clean out the car
>Take off the last of the trash
>Pack up the last of the books (my GOD how did I get so many books)
>Clean out storage room
>Get cat litter
>Find QAF boxes (think they're in the car)
>Finish packing up the living room

Well, more done today. Most of my books are packed away...which may not have been the best idea if I get through a head of time. Oh, well. Most of my computer stuff is packed away too. Except one game. I have so much stuff to do it's scary. A week has never seemed so short.

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